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Foto: Siv Dolmen

About us

Lofthus Sideri started juice production as early as 2008, initially using a simple hydro press and a 25-liter juice cooker. Over the years, production has gradually increased, and in 2017, the first cider was produced. Lofthus Sideri consists of four childhood friends, each owning their own fruit farms that have been in their families for generations, located at the farms Eidnes and Lofthus. The sideri itself is situated at the end of the Queen's Trail in Lofthus. Together, the four friends run the sideri alongside their individual fruit farms, which produce top-quality apples for consumption. Lofthus Sideri uses approximately 30 percent of the total fruit production from the four farms, with the remaining 70 percent going to the Ullensvang Fruit Storage and subsequently to Coop stores.


The fruit fields of Lofthus Sideri boast seven different apple varieties: Vistabella, Discovery, Summerred, Asfari, Gravenstein, Aroma, and Elstar. Lofthus Sideri produces juice and cider from specific varieties and does not blend different apple types. They believe that the best products are created by focusing on the qualities of each individual apple variety.


The Eidnes and Lofthus farms are ideally located with abundant sunshine and the best plots in the district. The calcareous soil and optimal south/west-facing slopes with maximum sunlight provide the perfect conditions. By emphasizing the use of the very best ingredients, this creates the ideal foundation for the fantastic juice and cider that Lofthus Sideri produces. All apples are handpicked from the trees, carefully handled, and stored before being pressed into juice. We are committed to ensuring that premium products start with premium ingredients.


The friends Halldor-Elling, Halldor, Ivar, and Åsmund grew up together in Lofthus and have all taken over their family farms. In addition to their shared interest in fruit, juice, and cider, they all have a common passion for the mountains and the Hardangervidda plateau. As neighbors in Lofthus, they also share mountain cabins and fishing spots on the plateau. They spend vacations there with their families in both summer and winter, engaging in fishing and hunting for reindeer and elk in the autumn. If the conversation isn't about cider and fruit, it inevitably turns to discussions about the mountains and the Hardangervidda plateau.

Foto: Siv Dolmen


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Together, we produce juice and cider just the way we like it, using only the very best ingredients.
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