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Our cider

Lofthus Sideri produces cider from pure apple varieties with the aim of bringing out pure and distinct flavors that highlight the uniqueness of the different apple varieties.

When the apples are pressed into juice, sugar and yeast are added, and the process begins. The sugar turns into alcohol, and the flavor develops. The process takes place under controlled conditions, where the alcohol content is predetermined. When the cider has achieved the right balance of acidity, sweetness, and apple flavor, the process is stopped and the cider is bottled.


The cider is a good companion for casual conversation in good company. "Drøs" means chatting or talking about various topics. Semi-dry/sparkling apple cider. Cider made from the Gravenstein apple variety. Golden yellow color, fresh aroma with a light scent and plenty of sweetness, crisp apple flavor. Tart foundation that balances the sweetness. Exciting complexity. Pleasant carbonation with a medium-long aftertaste. Pairs well with hearty meat dishes, rich and flavorful food.

Apple variety: Gravenstein

Alcohol content: 8%

Acidity g/l: 7.4

Sugar g/l: 24.8

Degree of carbonation: Sparkling



Cider for a good atmosphere. Fjåg: Light and cheerful / fresh and spirited / lively. Dry and sparkling cider. Cider made from the Discovery apple variety. Golden, clear, and brilliant appearance. Intense and pleasant apple aroma. Dry and fruity taste. Tart, but well-balanced with a hint of sweetness. Pairs well with appetizers, shellfish, and sushi, as well as light finger foods.

Apple variety: Discovery

Alcohol content: 9%

Acidity g/l: 6.7

Sugar g/l: 8.2

Degree of carbonation: Sparkling


Discover a new world of flavors. Gaum: To notice / sense. Semi-dry and sparkling cider. Cider made from the Summerred apple variety. Clear and golden appearance. Light and fresh apple character in taste and aroma, with plenty of fruit, balanced tartness, and fine structure. Pairs well with appetizers, chicken dishes, seafood, and foods with fresh flavors.

Apple variety: Summerred

Alcohol content: 8.5%

Acidity g/l: 8.5

Sugar g/l: 14.8

Degree of carbonation: Sparkling



Cider made from the Aroma apple variety. "Kvelve" is a sunny patch on the Eidnes farm with exceptionally good growing conditions for fruit, providing the foundation for this flavorful and traditional cider.

Dry and sparkling apple cider. This is the first cider produced by Lofthus sideri and pairs exceptionally well with various dishes.

Apple variety: Aroma

Alcohol content: 8%

Acidity g/l: 5.2

Sugar g/l: 11

Degree of carbonation: Sparkling

Rebell with hops

A cider in revolt, made from multiple apple varieties and infused with hops. "Rebell": Rebel / defies rules. We call this cider a rebel because it breaks with everything Lofthus sideri stands for: making cider from pure apple varieties. Additionally, it is infused with hops, which also somewhat deviates from the brand "Cider from Hardanger."

We all have a little Rebel in us. Like a true street mix, a maverick, Rebell is a fresh cider, exciting, with a complex taste! Do you accept the challenge?


The cider is made from some of the best apple varieties Hardanger has to offer. The cider is semi-dry and lightly sparkling with a straw-yellow color.


Apple varieties: Asfari, Aroma, Summerred, Gravenstein, and Elstar

Alcohol content: 8%

Acidity g/l: 6.1

Sugar g/l: 15.0

Degree of carbonation: Sparkling


Lun ice cider

"Lun" is the ice cider from Lofthus sideri, and it's one of the most exciting and fantastic creations we have made! Ice cider is a unique product from Hardanger, not only because of the method used to make it but also due to the special climate in which the apples are grown.


We make ice cider by pressing the apples and freezing the juice. As the juice slowly thaws, we start to draw off a concentrated juice with very high acidity and sweetness. This concentrated juice is then fermented. We use between 15 and 20% of the original juice for ice cider. This method brings out much more of the apples' sweetness and highlights their tart and fruity qualities.

"Lun" is concentrated and rich, with a strong flavor of fresh apples, while also being round and mild. The ice cider is well balanced between high sweetness and high acidity, with a good and delightful aftertaste. It is perfect on its own, in good company, or paired with a fine dessert.

Apple variety: Summerred

Alcohol content: 6.7%

Acidity g/l: 24.5

Sugar g/l: 172

Degree of carbonation: Still

Alcohol use can lead to various harmful effects. You can find more information here.
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